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What if everyone focused on communicating in a way that brings people together? 

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All of the services provided by The Virtues Collective are rooted in responsibility, empathy, humility, integrity and our founder's personal mantra:

“I have only one goal and that is to leave the world more beautiful and beneficial than when I inherited it.”

Nwandi Lawson, Founder & Chief Cultivation Officer

An experienced media professional, entrepreneur, and community activator, Nwandi Lawson introduces The Virtues Collective as a tool to assist companies, schools, communities and organizations to become skilled at highlighting their best characteristics and comfortable about learning from their challenges.

After completing an international colloquium with

companies in Turkey and the Czech Republic, Nwandi

received an MBA from Emory University in Atlanta in

2013. She also graduated magna cum laude from Howard University in Washington, D.C. with an undergraduate degree in journalism. Ms. Lawson is an award-winning television and radio producer whose credits include news and public affairs for CNN, children’s programming at TBS, and a Japanese language instructional series for Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Cycles of Learning


The Virtues Collective bases its work in the quest to increase enthusiasm, dedication & capacity for constant learning to develop genuine honor for all of the students, all of the customers, and all of the staff.

Young Teacher

Great. But what does this have to do with
diversity, equity, inclusion & access?

We are glad you asked. The Virtues Collective approaches differ from some DEI models that attempt to change individual and organizational behavior by calling out & dismantling each bias one by one. Our approach is one that recognizes that all people benefit from diversity, equity, inclusion & access, not just those perceived as marginalized. And as research now clearly points out, shame, blame & criticism do not reduce conflict or promote inclusion. To develop new patterns of thought & action requires collective vision, practice & strategies to become more effective.

 While the journey may begin with a single workshop, the path may continue to include Inclusion Audits, Coaching, Board Engagement, Storytelling, and Development.

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