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Elevating Communications Strategy

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Elevate--It's What We Do

Consulting Sessions

Maximize your potential as a leader with one-on-one support to develop your personal brand, productive communication style, and purposeful interpersonal connections.

Business Presentation

Elevated Communications Workshops & Trainings

Customized learning opportunities for educators, business professionals, and organizational leaders who want to communicate honor for their cross-cultural teams. 



Sometimes a little inspiration is just what is needed to bring unity of vision to a conference, a board retreat, or a staff gathering.

Community Acknowledgment

Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School

"With Ms. Lawson’s informative and detailed workshops for The Virtues Collective, BLMS has been able to incorporate the virtues into our daily language. She has provided parents with the opportunity to better themselves in how they support and nurture their children at home. Nwandi Lawson is passionate and knowledgeable. She displays character and compassion in her everyday life and truly models the attributes she teaches."

BLMS logo.png

Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center

"I have personally witnessed the transformation within the lives of our youth, families, and staff having been coached by Nwandi Lawson. With her humble attitude, belief in all diverse populations to learn and grow, and ability to connect with people, including those being served by the court and other systems and in different stages of recovery in substance use/abuse, Nwandi Lawson is the preferred candidate to keep on our team."

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 6.08.05 PM.png

Suzuki Association of the Americas

“The principles of the virtues have given me better language to communicate with children and adults, especially in terms of honoring diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Some of the strategies I had already employed, but I feel that I have a more systematic approach to these strategies, like companioning, for example. Owning a more systematic approach holds me more accountable and keeps the processes at the forefront of my mind."


"I never knew I didn't have to feel bad to do better."

Communicating Honor for Diversity Participant

Suzuki Association of the Americas 

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